Mal Mace is a singer-songwriter who wishes to be among a current crop of artists helping to bring back some of the soul in modern music.
Vocal Profile...
Vocal Fach (Type): Tenor
Vocal Weight: Leggiero (Light Lyric)
Range (Vocable Compass): D2-A6 (4.5 Octaves)
Range (Singable Compass): G2-Db6 (3.5 Octaves)
Highest Modal (Chest) Voice Note: A4
                                    Lowest Modal (Chest) Voice Note: G2
                                    1st Passaggi:  E4
                                    2nd Passaggi: A4
                                    Other info: Vocal Fry and Flageolet (Whistle) capable
Born in Corona Queens, NY, Mal's parents decided early that the busy streets of New York City weren't the best place to raise a family which consisted, at that time, of two young boys.  The family then moved to Cleveland, Ohio when he was four years old. 
Growing up in a musical household where his mother was a regular featured soloist in her church choir, music was always playing.  While his mother had an affinity for pop songs, his father favored jazz and soul. It was this early exposure that set the stage for Mal's musical leanings.  
The artist draws influences from a variety of singers and groups he grew up listening to that included Natalie Cole, Marvin Gaye, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight and Diana Ross.  He has a deep appreciation of female singers because of the emotion in their voices and this was a primary influence in the development of his singing range.
Incidentally, Mal did not limit himself to only female artists.  He recalls:  "My parents had all kinds of music we used to play -  there was a wide variety of artists -- not only the singers mentioned above, but diverse artists like Elton John, Chicago, The Isley Brothers and Anne Murray. I remember when my younger brother and I got our first stereo system as kids.  Sometimes I used to irritate my brother! ...because his musical palate conflicted with mine and I didn't care whether the artist was black or white or whether they sang r&b, pop, country - if I liked it, I liked it.  So I think my writing style and even my singing reflects those early influences even though I gravitated primarily towards mainstream r&b."
Training and early performances...
Around this time, Mal drew on gospel music as a source of inspiration and influence when he joined the youth choir of St. Paul A.M.E. Church in Cleveland, Ohio as a pre-teen -- where he was a member for 7 years.  He was a featured soloist on the choir's rendition of the Edwin Hawkins song "Do You Know Him".  Later, he was also a member of his high school glee club, which gave him further vocal training and discipline, as well as taught him the basics of music theory.  It was at this time that he started writing the lyrics to his own compositions.
After relocating to Washington, D.C., Mal continued to pursue his music interests. He briefly joined a neighborhood C.O.G.I.C. church choir where he sang the lead for a rendition of the gospel classic "Thank You Lord For One More Day".   From there, he joined Greater Mt. Calvary Church, where he was a member of two choirs and continued to lead solos in both.  One of the choirs in particular - The Youth Concert Choir (or YCC for short) was a well-respected ensemble that consisted of area youth and young adults. YCC regularly toured several prominent churches in the D.C. area as well as parts of the East Coast including Virginia, Maryland, New York, & Connecticut.   The choir's energetic style allowed it to reach a creative pinnacle when it was selected to be the opening act for the Winans singing group at Constitution Hall in 1987.  Being on a large stage gave Mal the motivation to branch out in other creative ways. While still in Washington, Mal also began acting and was involved in several plays -- one of which was held at the Shakespeare Theater.
Growth of the artist...
The 90's brought a change for the artist with the decision to actively shop demos to local talents while collaborating with other aspiring writers and producers. It then culminated with a move to New York to further his commitment to his craft.   The new millenium was a time of growth for Mal's songwriting skills, resulting in the decision to embark upon piano and further music theory lessons.  These continue, as time permits.  
To date, Mal has completed over 200 song lyrics of various themes, mostly about love or social issues. He also enlisted the help of noted vocal coach Gordon Grody to strengthen his vocal technique.  Currently he is training under the auspices of  Erica Kaplan, a performance vocal coach located in Manhattan and has been under her guidance for the past three years.  Mal has continued to keep his singing performance training current by participating in the 2010 First Baptist Church of Far Rockaway, NY all-city reunion choir which was directed by Bishop Stephen Watson.  He also auditioned for the NBC television show 'The Voice' in March, 2012.  The artist is currently a member of The Inter-church Center (TIC) Gospel Choir located in Manhattan.

In addition, Mal has performed well-received solo recitals each June in his singing class since 2012.
The present...
Mal continues to work on new material and is in the process of completing his first cd, titled 'Geology Of A Science Geek' with an expected arrival in 2016.  He is open to work with musicians and producers.

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